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The Red Letter DayRED LETTER DAY

We are thrilled to be able to offer our new sparkling red this month. We have named the wine Red Letter Day, because, although we love the style, we have been able to produce a sparkling red only intermittently over the past 30 years. So to be able to make one – and make it available – is a “red letter day”. I produced my first sparkling red in the early 1980s.

At that stage, although I loved the style, it was becoming increasingly hard to find, with Seppelts being the last large producer on the shelves. I, along with a few other small producers, decided not to let this iconic style of the Australian wine industry fizzle and die out, particularly since this style is uniquely Australian. I am not aware of anyone else around the world putting full-bodied red wines through the champagne process.

Because making sparkling reds is a lengthy and expensive process, we are listing this wine at $30 per bottle.

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As you of course know, I am intensely passionate about the palate, complexity and length of flavour that a good mature Riesling can provide. With that thought in mind, I have raided the cellar and made up a Riesling pack which shows six vintages, all from the one vineyard and of course all made by me. You will be able to try the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (not labelled, but signed by me), 2012 and the 2016 and see the differences caused purely by the different vintage conditions and time.

To give you the opportunity to appreciate what really good Riesling can do with time in the bottle I am offering these six wines to you for $140 (per carton of six) plus $15 postage per carton for freight.

$140 per 6 Pack ~ Click to Buy Online

Forbes-Cabernet-Merlot-Cabernet-Franc2014 ALEXANDER MURRAY

This wine is dedicated to our dad, Alexander Murray Forbes. Murray (as he was known to everybody) worked tirelessly planting, and then trellising, the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes, with me, back in 1970’s. Murray’s friendly good humour always came to the fore in those long days in the vineyard.

I believe that these three varieties work particularly well in the cooler climate and terroir of the Eden Valley area. The renowned structure and longevity of Cabernet Sauvignon provides the backbone to the Alexander Murray wines. The first blend I made under this label was in 2010 and it proved magnificent. Particularly once it had achieved a few years of age in the bottle. Unfortunately, in both 2011 and 2012, the weather gods determined that the later ripening Cabernet Sauvignon would not achieve full maturity and I chose not to include it for this label. (The 2013 blend went to make our delicious sparkling red.) Little did I, (or Murray), realise that the Eden Valley climate, although very liveable and usually fantastic for grapes, would make this variety, and therefore the blend, sometimes difficult to achieve.

In 2014, when all the varieties did achieve full ripeness, the soft cherry/blackberry overtones from the Merlot are supported by the complex characters generated by the Cabernet Sauvignon and topped off by the fruit lift from the Cabernet Franc. This complex bundle of flavours, with layer upon layer of “berry” characters, makes this wine a delight to drink either with food or on its own. It is exciting to be able to get this blend together again, and I believe this wine will age well for at least another ten years from 2017.

Alcohol 13.9%.

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singlevineyardriesling2016 SINGLE VINEYARD RIESLING

The conditions over the 2015/16 summer were extrememly dry. This put the grapes under great stress. A small amount of rain just prior to the harvest meant that the grapes were able to achieve satisfactory ripeness. Although these grapes were picked at a lower sugar level than I prefer, the wine still shows powerful varietal nose and palate. As per normal from Woodman’s vineyard, this wine exhibits an extremely long, flavoursome palate, since it comes from 90 year old vines.

As with all the wines that have come from that vineyard, it will age superbly, and easily achieve 10 years of age, and more.

Alcohol 11.4%.

$20 per bottle ~ Click to Buy Online





thereserveriesling2009 CELLAR MATURED RIESLING

This wine is another fine example of what can be achieved with maturation in the bottle. The richer golden hues still have a tinge of green which shows it has freshness and time left to mature further. The glorious toast and lime marmalade aromas are supported by the rich complexity on the palate, making this wine suitable to accompany a similarly rich dish such as paella.

Alcohol 11.1%.

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ForbesWines_2012_Reisling2013 RIESLING

2013 produced a mild but very dry ripening period in the Woodman Vineyard, enabling this premium parcel of fruit to slowly achieve rich, ripe flavours, which were intensified by the drier conditions. The wine is exhibiting very pale straw colour, with a lively herbaceous lime aroma leading to an outstanding complex palate.

Riesling, unlike most white wine varieties, has a remarkable ability to improve with gentle ageing in the bottle. The change from a fresh, young style to a rich complex aged style is the hallmark of this variety from a superior grape-growing area.

Alcohol 12.0 %.

$25 per bottle ~ Click to Buy Online


thereserveriesling2014 RIESLING

The 2014 vintage season was certainly rated as unusual in the Woodman Vineyard. A few severe heat spikes were interspersed with rain and cool – sometimes even cold weather. This was wonderful for the vines, with the following fine, cool and clear conditions producing an extended gentle ripening period, allowing the grapes to achieve full maturity with great flavour. Extended skin contact at crushing has produced extra complexity on the palate and a more approachable fruity young wine.

Riesling, unlike most white wine varieties, has a remarkable ability to improve with gentle ageing in the bottle. The change from a fresh, young style to a rich complex aged style is the hallmark of this variety from a superior grape-growing area.

Alcohol 12.5%.

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The adverse weather conditions during the 2011 ripening period meant the Cabernet Sauvignon did not achieve ripeness and the rich “berry” fruit characters I always seek. In the absence of this variety we could not produce an Alexander Murray blend, so I have chosen to highlight the other two varieties, Merlot (75%) and the lesser known Cabernet Franc (25%) to create the Fraternal Blend.
Because it is a member of the Cabernet family, the Merlot contributes similar “forest fruit” characters that make these wines from the cool Eden Valley region an absolute delight. The fruit highlights provided by the Cabernet Franc are totally compatible, making this an excellent combination.

Alcohol 13.9%.

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